Organization Ideas

Provide clear and concise information for multipage documents needing action.
• Flag pages needing attention with a Writable Post-it® Arrow Flag—providing a considers message of the action needed.
• Use the Post-it® Signature Flags to point out where a signature, initial, or notarization is required.
• Use the Post-it® Arrow Flags to call out important information on the document.

Call attention to that note or figure needing attention with the bold tip on Post-it® Arrow Flags

Keeping track of important quotes tends to come in handy once you’ve finished reading a book.
• If you read the book for fun, you’ve likely saved your favorite parts with a flag to look at later.
• If you read it for a school assignment, a flag provides you with an automatic study guide, or a leg up on the paper you’re going to write.

Bring that “to do” from your task list and into a visual reminder. Take a walk around your house and use Post-it® Arrow Flags to mark any area that needs a little spot treatment.

• Made of film material

• Easy to write on—use pen, marker or pencil

• Repositionable—Post-it® Brand adhesive sticks securely and removes cleanly

Features to Match Your Organizational Style

Arrow Flags Mark What’s Important

Point it Out
Call attention to that note needing attention or reference later with the bold tip on these arrow flags.

Flags come in both solid color and with white space. Both can be easily written on to provide that essential note to accompany the information being called out.

Signature Flags Show Action is Required

Direct Action
A Simple message brightly colored directs attention to where it is needed and clearly communicates the action required.

Two Sizes

Small & Large
Match the size you need to where the Post-it® Flag will be used. Both sizes work great for flagging a page or flagging information on a page.

Pull Up to Dispense

Classic Cartridge
Each color is in it’s own cartridge. Keep the colors as a group or break them apart by tearing at the perforation.
Just pull up on the flag to dispense.

Always on Hand

A handy, clear plastic dispenser that pops up the Flags one-at-a-time. conveniently goes in a desk drawer, briefcase, backpack or purse and are available when needed.

Dispenser Options

High Volume Dispenser
This lightweight dispenser grips to the desk without adhesive for convenient one-handed dispensing.​