CadMouse Pro Wireless

The Ultimate Wireless Mouse for CAD Professionals

CadMouse Pro Wireless is the full-size mouse designed specifically for the modern CAD professional. Offering superior ergonomics, a dedicated middle mouse button, high resolution optical sensor, up to three-months use between charges*, and 50 million clicks-worth of durability for the daily use CAD specialist, CadMouse Pro Wireless is the mainstay of any CAD toolkit.

Main Features:

Professional Ergonomic Design

The CAD Button

The middle mouse button is designed specifically for CAD users who require a third button to access their application functions. This button is ideal for CAD applications.

More Comfort, Less Strain

Designed with an angled shape, CadMouse Pro WIreless creates a more natural hand posture, reducing the muscle and tendon discomfort encountered with traditional mice.

The Ideal Thumb Rest

Complementing its slanted shape, the incurvated thumb rest gives thumbs an ergonomically natural place to hold onto the mouse and easy access to its side buttons.

Concave Shape Button

The three main buttons of CadMouse Pro Wireless offer a concave design, sculpted to guild the fingertips to their ideal positioning, for an organic, natural feel.

Quick Zoom - Effortlessly Zoom In and Out

Gesture & Radial Button - Easy Access to Application Commands

Additional Features:

Durability to Last

The average CAD user clicksthousands of times during a standard workday. CadMouse Pro Wireless is designedto handle over 50 million clicks to its main buttons, giving usersmechanical longevity a CAD professional should expect.

High Precision and Performance

The precision optical sensor,high adaptive polling rate and specially developed polytetrafluoroethylene(PFTE) feet combine to create an experience of controlled performancethat feels like CadMouse Pro Wireless is directly hardwired to the CAD user'severy action.

Tailored Carrying Case Included

Built and tested in the 3Dconnexion labs, the compact, lightweight, semi-rigid carry case transports CadMouse Pro Wireless easily and safely for the modern CAD professional on the move.