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Acer B7 Series
Essential Ergonomics
Planted upon its sturdy and robust stand, feel free to turn, pivot and swivel the display to whatever the occasion calls for.
Infused with Colour
In the professional world, accuracy is everything. Utilise colour-enhancing and eye care technologies for pinpoint precision
ZeroFrame 1 Design
The near bezel-less design creates a more seamless look, allowing you to see more of what matters most: the screen.
A Strong, Ergonomic Edge
Courtesy of a firm, stainless steel base, you can easily tilt, pivot, swivel and make height adjustments at a moment’s notice.
Built-in Speaker
The built-in speaker system lets you enjoy powerful sound without the need for a separate set up.
Resolution Matters
Choose from a wide range of resolutions from Full HD 1 up to 4K 1 UHD.
Acer VisionCare™
Acer VisionCare™ incorporates several technologies to reduce eye strain and includes Acer Flickerless™, BlueLightShield™, Low Dimming™ and Acer ComfyView™.
Super Sharpness
Super Sharpness 1 takes low-res images and bumps them up a notch, giving what you see that Ultra HD feel.
A Wide Range of Colour
100% sRGB 1 means more colour and more accurate, lifelike images for the professional who demands perfection.
An industry standard commonly used in display technology, sRGB produces colours that are more consistent without any deviation in colour reproduction. The higher the percentage of sRGB, the more realistic the reproduction.
1.07 Billion Colours 1
A wider colour range results in less banding, creating a smoother, more realistic image.
Designed for Accuracy
Acer ColorPlus™ 1 is a set of technologies aimed to recreate realistic, consistent colours and sharper overall visuals.
6-Axis Colour Adjustment
Acer monitors allow the user to adjust the exact hue and colour of their monitor to their needs. These axes range from R, G and B to C, M and Y.
Low Delta E 1
Delta E is a rating system for understanding how the human eye perceives colour difference between a real and a recreated image. B7 displays have a Delta E of <1 1 which means they recreate more lifelike colour.
Casually Make Adjustments
No need to fiddle with the buttons. Easily modify your monitor settings via our convenient Acer Display Widget utility software.
Customised Regions
Use Acer Display Widget to set up regions for your desktop. Simply drag and drop windows to the region(s) that you’ve determined is best for you, whether it be a two-, three- or four-region template.
1 Information based off display with the following specifications:RESOLUTION: 3840 x 2160 @ 60Hz; PANEL: IPS; BIT DEPTH: 8Bit + Hi - FRC; COLOUR RANGE: 1.07 Billion; COLOUR GAMUT: 100% sRGB Specifications may vary depending on model and/or region. All models subject to availability.