3DConnexion Universal Receiver

The 3Dconnexion Universal Receiver enables you to connect up to five 3Dconnexion wireless products with just one small USB receiver.

3Dconnexion Wireless Devices

SpaceMouse Wireless

Whether you are reviewing 3D drawings in a meeting room or presenting 3D design ideas at your partner office, SpaceMouse Wireless offers you the functionality to navigate efficiently in CAD applications anywhere.

SpaceMouse Pro Wireless

The optimal tool for the modern, mobile CAD workstation, SpaceMouse Pro Wireless offers programmable Intelligent Function Keys, easy manipulation of 3D models, keyboard modifiers and much more, all in a wireless format.


3Dconnexion offers a series of CadMouse products with advanced ergonomics to improve workflow and create the most comfortable use over long CAD sessions. Whether you need a compact, full size or even left handed mouse, we have you covered.