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Unstoppable war machine

This behemoth is ready to crush your opponents and give you an awe-inspiring experience. Unique gaming features and easy upgradability will have you conquering games in no time.

Unstoppable war machine
Gaming platform

The G3 is a powerful platform that’s ready for you to tweak and upgrade as you become an expert gamer. With an easy-access chassis design and 6th Gen Intel® Core™ processors, you’ll be conquering today’s AAA titles in no time.

Unique features

If you love gaming, you’ll appreciate the built-in headset cradle and Easy-Swap expansion bay that you can access from the front of the device. Manage large game libraries and take care of your accessories with these custom gamer features.

Commanding sound

Creative Sound Blaster Cinema 2 lets you customise the soundscape of your games to make sure your audio experience is perfect. EAX 5.0 & 5.1 channel audio support is ready for your kickin’ sound system.

Super expandability

Upgrade the Predator G3 to create a gaming monster. Pack in up to 64GB of DDR4 RAM, 12TB of HDD storage and 512GB of SSD storage. There’s even an SD™ card reader and plenty of extra USB 3.0 ports for even more expandability.