ZūM Maestro DECT™ Headset HS-2018
Wireless Headset for desktop phones, up to 350' of Range

Answer your calls remotely using a Handset lifter or Electronic Hook Switch (EHS)...

Unleash Wireless Freedom

Don’t just sit there! You need to move. Get that cup of coffee while still talking. Answer and end calls while you’re away from your desk too, by adding a Remote Handset Lifter or Electronic Hook Switch. Eco-DECT lower emissions as well. You will really appreciate the crystal clear sound and voice quality. The noise canceling microphone screens out the noise around you so you will be heard as well as you can hear.
Unleash Wireless Freedom

ZūM Maestro DECT™ Features:

  • Compatibility: Deskphones Only. Not for smartphones or tablets. Not for computers or laptops.
  • Monaural headset
  • Wireless range up to 350'.
  • Noise-canceling microphone.
  • Wideband speaker.
  • The Multi Function button allows you to answer/end calls on the headset or you can dock/undock the headset from the Base Station instead.
  • DECT is a secure protocol compared to Bluetooth®.
  • You can use multiple headsets in the same area with- out them interfering with each other.
  • You can have conference calls with up to 4 headsets.
  • Volume Control and Microphone Mute can both be adjusted on the headset.
  • Sound quality: DSP noise reduction; echo cancellation; tone control; wide band and narrow band audio.
  • Dock in the Base to recharge.
  • Audio indicators: Tones alert you to incoming calls, low battery, volume level, microphone muting and other functions.
  • Comfortable headband wearing style, with extra large leatherette ear pad.
  • Long boom arm style Microphone.
  • Eco-DECT means lower power requirements and fewer emissions
ZūM Maestro DECT™ Features:

Also Available In Binaural HS-2019