CadMouse Pad

The Best Experience for your Workplace

This large version of our CadMouse Pad is ideal if you work with a multi monitor setup and high resolution displays. It has a total width of over 13 inches, which reduces the need to lift and re position your mouse.

With CadMouse Pad we offer you the perfect extension for precision and smooth movements regardless of your workplace setup. With its low friction surface optimized for our sensors and a three layer construction for stability it is developed to provide you always the best experience.


Smooth Operator

While working in CAD applications, your daily mouse movements sum up to miles. The high-quality micro-textured coating of the CadMouse Pad offers effortless precision for your engineering tasks.

Accurate Sensor Tracking

In addition to its tactile advantages, the low friction surface of the CadMouse Pad enhances its tracking qualities and ensures accurate sensor imagery for an exact translation of your hand movements into cursor movements.

Stability You Can Rely On

The surface enhances precision while the rigid middle layer ensures stability. The silicone base keeps your CadMouse Pad in place so it won't slip while you are working.

Customize for your setup

Your workplace is individual - so should be your CadMouse Pad. The CadMouse Pad is made for high-resolution multiscreen setups and working in large assemblies, requiring more lateral space to avoid lifting the mouse. The CadMouse Pad Compact is ideal for mobile workplaces or setups with limited space.

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