Find What Post-it® Note Is Right For You

Find The Right Size Post-it®

Post-it® Notes come in a variety of sizes for any form of communication. The 1 1/2" x 2" Post-it® Note is perfect for making reminders on calendars or weekly planners. The standard 3" x 3" is a size that gets the message noticed but doesn't take up much room, it stands out in a subtle way. Our larger size notes, 3" x 5" or 4" x 6" notes are great for those to-do lists and longer messages, capturing line by line and allowing room for all of your thoughts.

A World Of Color

Browse our Post-it® Note collections that reflect the vibrant world in which we live. Find your favorites that inspires you like our Miami Collections' vivid colors that capture the exuberant soul of this urban paradise. Or our bold Rio de Janiero colors that are expressive and dramatic to celebrate the Brazilian metropolis. Colorful Post-it® Super Sticky Notes inspired by colorful cities will inspire your communication and organization.

What's The Difference?

Do you have a Post-it® Note Dispenser that you need a refill for? The Post-it® Pop-up Notes are what you need; their accordian style distribution of the note allows for one-by-one retrieval. Our Post-it® Flat pads are perfect for on-the-go use and also have decorative Post-it® Note holder choices for display and dispensing.

Post-it® Super Sticky Notes Stay Stuck

Post-it® World of Color Notes help you organize your day

Post-it® Super Sticky Notes are perfect for hanging to-do lists on a vertical surface

Visualize and remember your tasks with Post-it® Super Sticky Notes