Remote Visibility into Rack Conditions

Vertiv Liebert SN sensors offer a range of options for monitoring temperature, humidity, fluid leaks and contact closures within computer rooms and network closets to protect equipment from dangerous conditions and enable more efficient thermal management. Available in modular and integrated configurations, Vertiv Liebert SN sensors are easy to mount and connect directly to Liebert PDUs, Liebert UPS systems with the Unity DP communications card, and Avocent ACS serial consoles. Modular configurations feature separate sensors with input and output ports that allow them to be daisy-chained to connect multiple sensors to one input for the ultimate in flexibility. Integrated sensors feature one or more probes integrated with a cable for fast, simple installation. With either configuration you can monitor temperature at one or multiple points on a rack as well as humidity, leaks and rack door status. Vertiv Liebert SN sensors feature a compact sensor design, are auto-discoverable and include all cables and mounting hardware. They can operate as a standalone monitoring solution or can be integrated into the Liebert Nform monitoring platform.

  • Flexible design allows sensors to be configured to application requirements
  • Plug-and-play compatibility with Vertiv rack-mount products, including Liebert UPS systems and PDUs and Avocent ACS serial consoles
  • Alarm notification includes email alerts when conditions exceed set thresholds
  • Includes all cables and mounting hardware


The multiple options within the Vertiv Liebert SN family make it easy to configure a sensing solution for every application: monitor temperature only or add humidity, leak detection and rack-door status to your solution. Temperature can be monitored at one point only or at multiple points on a rack or across a row.


Temperatures in network closets and other small, tight spaces can rise quickly, putting sensitive electronics in danger. The Vertiv Liebert SN sensors provide immediate alarm notification of conditions that exceed set thresholds, allowing corrective action before equipment is damaged.


These compact, plug-and-play sensors mount easily to the rack and plug directly into Liebert PDUs, Liebert UPS systems with the Unity DP communication card or an Avocent ACS serial console. They include all mounting hardware and cables, are auto-discoverable and accessible through the web or a monitoring system.


Vertiv Liebert SN sensors are the only sensors that work with your Vertiv rack-mount equipment, providing convenient plug-and-play compatibility with Liebert rack-mount PDUs and UPS systems as well as Avocent serial consoles.


In network closets, sensitive electronics often operate in cramped, closed spaces that can heat up quickly. Liebert SN sensors provide a convenient, easy-to-deploy solution for gaining visibility into these critical environments. Monitor conditions in the closet at any time and receive alarm notifications when conditions exceed set thresholds.


The Liebert SN sensors enable more precise management of operating conditions in data centers and computer rooms while providing immediate notification of dangerous fluid leaks or unauthorized rack access. Take the guesswork out of computer room and data center thermal management by knowing the precise air temperature and humidity at the rack.


IT systems in branch offices, retail stores, school buildings, manufacturing plants and other locations are typically located in unprotected environments with limited on-site support. Liebert SN sensors provide centralized visibility into conditions at these remote locations, providing the confidence that equipment is operating within set conditions and is not being accessed without authorization.