Easy Grip® File Pockets

Get a grip on heavy files
  • Requires less gripping force to pick up out of drawers or pull off shelves
  • Rollover tear resistant reinforcement on the sides make it virtually tear-proof
  • Made from 30% recycled content

Smead Easy Grip® File Pockets help you get a grip on heavy files.

Easy Lifting

Smead Easy Grip® File Pockets have a unique patented non-slip grip coating along the top edge of the file that makes it easy to pick up and hold heavy files without slipping. Easy Grip® Pockets are engineered for easy pick up and require half the effort for easy lifting. Easier lifting means less strain on hands, fewer spilled files and no more broken finger nails!

Strong and Durable

In addition, these file pockets feature sturdy fronts and tear resistant reinforced side gussets making them virtually tear proof. They will hold up to heavy use and are a great solution for storing bulky files on shelves and in file drawers.

Lots of Options

Smead Easy Grip® File Pockets are available in a wide variety of sizes and styles. There’s bound to be one that’s perfect for your filing needs.

Multiple Configurations
Easy Grip® Demo