APC Back-UPS Pro Tower 700VA (BR700G)

Premium Power Protection

The BR700G UPS provides extended power backup so you can continue to work on a PC, access the network, and game online when a power outage occurs. The BR700G gives you time to save your work and safely shut down electronics or even work right through an outage.


Back-UPS Pro Series UPS

The Back-UPS Pro family offers guaranteed power protection for high-performance computer systems, routers, external storage devices, game consoles, and other home and business electronics.

At your Desk

Give yourself the time to save documents and gracefully shut down your computer without the harsh impact on your electronics of a sudden power loss.

Gaming System

Consoles, Gaming PC's, connected hard-drives and your Twitch stream all stay on when the lights go out

Wireless Router & IOT Devices

If the power goes out, stay connected to the internet and keep wifi-connected smarthome devices working by connecting your modem/wifi router to a UPS

Television and Cablebox/DVR

Don't lose your DVR recordings when the power flickers. A connected cable/satellite box will continue recording, even when the house is dark.

Q: Can you adjust the alarm settings?

A: Yes, in the PowerChute software. A UPS that is connected to computers via the supplied USB cable can have their sensitivity settings adjusted, as well as specify what hours you want to disable the alarm, if desired.

Q: What is the "Master" and "Controlled by Master" feature?

A: The device plugged into the "Master" outlet controls the power profile of devices plugged into the "Controlled by Master" outlets. When a device in the Master outlet goes to sleep or standby, devices in the Controlled by Master outlets do the same.

Q: How do you turn off the alarm?

A: The Back-UPS Pro model provides a button on the front that can mute any audible alarm caused by an event.

Q: How long will this UPS power my system when the power goes out?

A: Runtimes of any UPS will vary based on the amount of power required by your connected devices. The LCD screen on a Back-UPS Pro model will display the estimated runtime based on the current power load of products plugged into the UPS.

Q: Is the PowerChute software required for this UPS? Will load-time and other data be visible on LCD without this software?

A: The BR700G Back-UPS Pro can be used out of the box (once the battery is connected), and the LCD screen will display the full array of information offered. The PowerChute software provides additional data and settings for your UPS.