Hi-Fi Headphones

The Kensington Hi-Fi Headphones is a durable headset that provides high-quality stereo sound and best-in-class comfort features. Supporting common core learning standards, the headphones provide a max output of 94db for safe listening. The Hi-Fi Headphones is suitable for students, business professionals, and recreational gamers. Compatible with Windows, Mac and Chromebook for a simple plug and play experience.
<br></br>Hi-Fi Headphones

High-Quality Stereo Sound

Powerful 40mm drivers with deep base and a wide dynamic range deliver an exceptional listening experience at an affordable price.
<br></br> High-Quality Stereo Sound

Best-in-Class Comfort

Designed to fit heads of all ages, the adjustable headband is padded, the flexible boom-style microphone can be rotated up to 270 degrees, and the foam ear pads are wrapped in a soft leatherette cover to provide hours of comfortable use.
 <br></br>Best-in-Class Comfort

Single-Sided Monitoring Enabled

Uses passive resistance technology to filter out ambient noise for optimum speech clarity.
 <br></br>Single-Sided Monitoring Enabled

6 Foot USB Cord

The ear cups swivel to enable teachers or call center instructors to listen in and support.
 <br></br>6 Foot USB Cord

Multi-Device Compatibility

Offers the ideal length for learning environments and is strong enough to stand up to the heavy use requirements of K12 and call centers.
 <br></br><br></br>Multi-Device Compatibility

Safe Listening Limit

Works with Windows, Mac and Chromebook devices.
 <br></br>Safe Listening Limit