PaperPro® Premium Standard Staples

Paperwork can be a hassle, but stapling it shouldn't be. With PaperPro Premium Standard Staples, enjoy reliable performance when you need it most.

Compatible with standard staplers, the staples feature chiseled points for cleaner precision and easier penetration. Ideal for work, school, or a home office. Staples come in full strips (210 staples per strip), and have a 1/4” leg length. Pack of 5,000 staples. For optimal performance, use with PaperPro staplers.


  • Compatible with standard staplers
  • Chiseled points for easier, more precise staple penetration
  • 1/4” leg length (26/6 staple size)
  • Staples up to 28 sheets of paper
  • Comes in full strips (210 staples per strip)
  • 5,000 staples per box
  • Use with PaperPro models: inPOWER, inPOWER+, inCOURAGE, inVOLVE, inFLUENCE+, inSPIRE, inSPIRE+, inJOY, inSHAPE, inREACH
PaperPro® Premium Standard Staples