In 1997, the idea of Millennium was sparked by two men - Bob Kohlhepp, Chairman of Cintas Corp (CTAS), a $4 billion service company, and Ian Malpass, CEO of Just Mats Limited, a small privately held UK company. Despite the disparity in size of business, they shared a common idea - being "positively dissatisfied with everything they do." That common sense of drive for perfection, and a desire to grow the floor care business, prompted a spontaneous offer to join forces and create a world-class company.

After only one additional meeting in 1998, they decided to create Millennium to support the growth plans of Cintas in the United States and overseas markets. Alongside his wife, Ania Malpass, who ran the operational side of business, Ian sold Just Mats to begin the new enterprise. After relocating to Atlanta, Georgia in April 1999, the first product was ready for sale 3 months later. To date, Millennium is a worldwide venture, with sales in 23 markets and plants in 3 continents.

Over time, the philosophy has remained the same - "be positively dissatisfied with everything you do." To build upon our history, Millennium further encourages all of its partners to "challenge everything" and ensure an even better future.

Our Mission

Millennium's most important goal is one that is ongoing:
to understand the ever-growing needs of our customers.

We strive to constantly improve our products and services to meet the challenges of working with the world's finest companies.

At Millennium, we aim for continuous improvement in all aspects of our business and follow ISO 9000 quality procedures.