ideal - the last shredder you will ever buy


Founded in Germany in 1951,ideal. has grown from a small family business to the world's leading manufacturer ofpaper shredders with millions of customers worldwide.

ideal.’ssuccess has been achieved through a passionate devotion to quality in everyphase of the manufacturing process. Fully integrated production methods allowthe maintenance of quality control systems unrivaled in the industry.

  • 100% German-made with the highest safety standards.
  • Best warranty in the industry.
  • A return rate of less than 1%.

sustainability committed to an optimumbalance between our environment and community . ideal.’sshredders operate without hazardous ortoxic substances, and only sustainable materials are used in the production ofideal. products.

Adedication to sustainability and reducing energy consumption is just anotherbenefit to using ideal. Shredders. We share a commitment with our end users toour environment and community. We satisfy all standards and requirements tocarry the Environmental Certificate DIN EN ISO 14001.

  • Firstshredder to be awarded the “Blue Angel” certification
  • Promotesfree trade by following the Trade Agreement Act
  • The“Zero Energy Consumption” feature is standard with every model.


From a Safety Protection System to Electronic Capacity Controls to touchless, automatic oilers, ideal. shredders exceed the market's expectations to provide the highest quality experience. We are UL approved and CE labeled.

ideal.shredders are available in all 6 security levels. Our Twin Drive motors protectagainst overheating, and all shredders are rated for continuous duty (norun-time or down time). Automatic reverse and stop, power cut-off, safetyshield, and electronic door protection are all part of our superior safetyfeatures.

  • Superiorcustomer service and technical service.
  • Same-dayshipping.
  • Castersfor mobility.


The last shredder you will everbuy, and the best shredder for your business needs