Predator Cestus 500

Customizable Ambidextrous Design

Gives gamers the flexibility to customize the handling and fit with swappable side panels for ergonomic comforts even in long hours of play

World first Omron Dual Switch Design

The dual Omron switch design provides gamer not only the ultimate longevity with up to 70M clicks but also adjustable click force with a simple slide of the cleverly designed levers at the bottom of Predator Cestus 500

On-Board Memory with up to 5 Profile Setting

Take your personalized setting with you anywhere you go with Predator Cestus 500’s built-in memory for a streamlined plug-and-play gaming experience that is tailored for you

Predator Cestus 500

Durable and Adjustable
World’s first Omron dual switch design provides you with not only better longevity with up to 70M clicks, but also adjustable click force to complement different gaming scenarios and needs

Tough and Strong
Braided cord with gold plated USB connector is tough enough for all the battles ahead

Have It Your Way
Customize your Predator Cestus 500 with 16.8M Color options and 8 different lighting patterns to suit your every mood and style

Always Ready for Battle
On board memory with up to 5 profile settings will have you ready to battle anywhere you go in an instant

Game with Comfort
Customizable ambidextrous designed with side panels offer up to 4 different usage mode for the ultimate fit and ergonomic comfort

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Predator Cestus 500 (PMW730)

Customizable ambidextrous design

400 - 7200


World’s first dual Omron switches rated for 50 M + 20 M clicks

30 g

1 ms / 1000 Hz

124.4 x 96.4 x 40.3mm (with wide side wing)
124.4 x 67.3 x 40.3mm (with narrow side wing)

16.8 million colors with 8 lighting effects
(Off / Static / Breathing / Cycle clockwise / Cycle counter-clockwise / Reactive / Starlight / Random)

8 customizable macro keys

On-board Profile Settings