Kaliber Gaming SURFAS Professional Gaming Mouse Mat

Precision Pro Gaming Mouse Pad

Kaliber Gaming by IOGEAR's SURFAS Professional Gtournament level gaming performanceaming Mouse Mat is designed to provide tournament level gaming performance with any type of mouse. The SURFAS features a micro-weave top layer that provides superior control with FPS mice, and its ultra-uniform surface texture aids sensor pickup for precision tracking. The large size allows lower DPI players more room for movement without running off the pad, while the smooth horizontal grain helps boost side-to-side speed.

Perfect for FPS Players

The SURFAS is the perfect size for First-Person-Shooter players that prefer to game with a lower, more precise dpi setting for games like Counter-Strike: GO, etc. and ensures you can react quickly without running off the pad. Aside from its ample size, the SURFAS features a micro-knit woven top layer that provides a higher level of control while also maintaining a smooth gliding surface.

Designed for Laser or Optical Sensors

The ultra-uniform textured top layer of the SURFAS aids sensor pickup, for improved mouse tracking regardless of sensor type. The textured cloth-like layer of the SURFAS mouse mat is actually a reduced-friction material, designed to yield improved control and reduced over travel for high dpi laser mice.

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DimensionsGGMM1POP Information
10'' Peg Hook: 4
6'' Peg Hook: 3
Unit Dimensions
Height: 11.8" (29.7cm)
Depth: .2" (.4cm)
Length: 15.6" (39.7cm)
Inner Pack
Width: 13.4" (34.0cm)
Height: 5.9" (15.0cm)
Depth: 8.2" (20.8cm)
Inner Pack Qty.: 6
Unit Package Dimensions
Width: 2.4" (60cm)
Height: 13.2" (33.3cm)
Depth: 2.4" (60cm)
Master Carton
Width: 14.1" (35.8cm)
Height: 13.4" (3.40cm)
Depth: 9.2" (23.3cm)
Master Carton Qty.: 12
Master Carton Wt.: 9.1lb (4.1kg)
Inner Pack Wt.: 4.0lb (1.8kg)
Unit Pack Wt.: .6lb (.3kg)
Unit Wt.: .5lb (.2kg)