Galaxy 3500 40kVA 400V 3:1, Start-up 5X8

Performance UPS power for critical applications
MGE Galaxy 3500 UPS offers compact 3 phase power protection with the reliability of the MGE product family. Ideal for commercial and technical facilities as well as industrial applications, the MGE Galaxy 3500 includes dual-mains input, automatic and maintenance bypasses, and scalable runtime with hot-swappable batteries for increased availability. The parallel capability for redundancy and capacity, new optional bypass panels, and extended run battery frames provide increased flexibility. Low cost of ownership is achieved through best-in-class efficiency and a reduction in rating of electrical infrastructure - wires, transformers, and generators. The built in Network Management Card with temperature monitoring provides remote UPS power monitoring and management through a simple Web/SNMP interface. Serviceability is greatly enhanced by user-replaceable batteries, front access servicing, and included start-up service for maximized configurabililty. All these features make the MGE Galaxy 3500 the easiest UPS in its class to deploy, manage and maintain.

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Output Power Capacity: 32 kW / 40 kVA

Max Configurable Power: 32 kW / 40 kVA

Nominal Output Voltage: 230V

Output Voltage Note: Configurable for 220 : 230 or 240 nominal output voltage

Efficiency at Full Load: 95.4%

Output Voltage Distortion: Less than 5%

Output Frequency (sync to mains): 47 - 53 Hz for 50 Hz nominal

Other Output Voltages: 220, 240

Crest Factor: Unlimited

Topology: Double Conversion Online

Waveform Type: Sine wave

Output Connections

  • (1) Hard Wire 3-wire (H N + G) 
  • (1) Screw Terminals

Output Voltage Tolerance: +/-1% static and +/- 5% at 100% load step

Output Voltage THD: < 2% for 0 to 100% linear load and < 5% for full non linear load

Overload Operation: 10 minutes @ 125% and 60 seconds @ 150%

Efficiency at Half Load: 95.5%

Required Output Current Protection: 200A

Bypass: Built-in Maintenance Bypass, Built-in Static Bypass


Nominal Input Voltage: 400V 3PH

Input Frequency: 40 - 70 Hz (auto sensing)

Input Connections: Hard Wire 5-wire (3PH + N + G) :

Input voltage range for main operations: 340 - 460 (400V)V

Input voltage adjustable range for mains operation: 340 - 460 (400V)V

Other Input Voltages: 380, 415

Maximum Input Current: 54A

Input Breaker Capacity:  A

Input Total Harmonic Distortion: Less than 5% for full load

Type of Input Protection Required: 3-pole breaker

Batteries & Runtime

Battery Type: No internal battery supplied with UPS - can be used with external third party batteries or SYBTH4

Nominal Battery Voltage: +/-192 V (split battery referenced to neutral)

End of Discharge Battery Voltage: +/-154 V

Overload Operation: 10 minutes @ 125% and 60 seconds @ 150%

Extended Run Options: MGE Galaxy 3500 40kVA 400V 3:1, Start-up 5X8

Communications & Management

Interface Port(s): DB-9 RS-232

Pre-Installed SmartSlot™ Cards: AP9631

Control panel: Multi-function LCD status and control console

Audible Alarm: Audible and visible alarms prioritized by severity

Emergency Power Off (EPO): Yes


Maximum Height: 1491.00 mm

Maximum Width: 523.00 mm

Maximum Depth: 838.00 mm

Net Weight: 294.00 KG

Shipping Weight: 325.00 KG

Shipping Height: 1643.00 mm

Shipping Width: 650.00 mm

Shipping Depth: 1062.00 mm


Operating Environment: 0 - 40 °C

Operating Relative Humidity: 0 - 95%

Operating Elevation: 0-999.9 meters

Storage Temperature: 0 - 40 °C

Storage Relative Humidity: 0 - 95%

Storage Elevation: 0-15000 meters

Audible noise at 1 meter from surface of unit: 55.00 dBA

Online Thermal Dissipation: 5132.00 BTU/hr

Protection Class: IP 51


Regulatory Approvals: CE, EN 50091-2, EN/IEC 62040-3, IEC 61000-3-2, IEC 61000-3-3, ISO 14001, ISO 9001, VFI-SS-111

Standard Warranty: 1 year repair or replace